Kent State Employees Share Summer Vacation Photos I

Kent State University employees shared some of their favorite summer vacation and staycation photos with e-Inside. Read the next issue of e-Inside to see more photos.

  • Anne Brown, associate vice president
    for business and administrative services,
    shared this photo of a late night view of
    St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square,

  • Jeff Glidden, photographer with University 
    Communications and Marketing, shared this 
    photo of “The Triumph of History Over Time”
    by Anton Raphael Mengs, a ceiling fresco in
    the Camera dei Papiri, Vatican Library, 1772.

  • Bryan Bassett, associate applications developer with the
    Division of Information Services, shared this photo of the vacation
    he took at Hocking Hills right before he started his new job at Kent
    State. Bassett says, “It was very relaxing and remote. The cabin was
    a quarter mile into the woods. There wasn’t another person to be
    seen as far as the eyes could see. I enjoyed the peace and comfort
    this cabin provided me. The time to reflect and look forward at what
    was to come was very enlightening.”

  • Victoria Wesig, senior secretary with the Division of Institutional
    Advancement, shared this photo from her trip to Alaska in May at
    Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. Wesig says, “The glacier is right
    behind me. I was promoting Kent State by wearing my shirt, and
    lots of people made comments about either knowing about Kent
    State or knowing someone who graduated from here.”

  • Laure Farnbauch, manager for laboratory resources in the
    Department of Psychological Sciences, spent a week at Nags
    Head, North Carolina, relaxing beachside. Farnbauch says, “While
    taking in the beautiful sunrise, I was able to see pelicans diving and
    dolphins playing.”

  • Anne Palmieri, web training coordinator with University
    Communications and Marketing, shared this photo from a recent
    trip with her husband to the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Pictured is
    the view from their beach house on Lanaiki Beach.​

  • Josiah Murphy Deeter, secretary in the Department of Modern
    and Classical Languages, shared this photo taken with two Chinese
    friends at the U.S. Capitol on July 18. 

  • Anne Palmieri, web training coordinator, took this photo of the
    Kukaniloko Birthing Stones, where the royal family gave birth,
    during a recent trip to the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

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The Kent State University Board of Trustees today established a comprehensive, national search to recruit and select the university’s 13th president.


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