Kent State Employees Share Their Summer Vacation Photos II

This week, e-Inside presents more of Kent State University employees’ favorite summer vacation photos. Watch out for more photos in the next issue.

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  • Josiah Murphy, secretary in the Department of Modern and
    Classical Language Studies, relaxes in the garden during a visit
    to a friend’s home in Minnesota.

  • Josiah Murphy shared this photo of homemade ice cream with
    handpicked fruit that she enjoyed during her vacation.

  • Alana Thompson, financial aid counselor, together with her
    husband David Thompson, a current Ph.D. student at Kent
    State, her friend Laura Rodriguez, who also works at Kent,
    and her husband Jesus, traveled to Italy this summer for a
    week. They visited Florence, Rome and a small island off
    Naples called Ischia. Here is a photo of them outside the
    Colosseum in Rome.

  • Alana Thompson sent in this photo of the Duomo in Florence
    taken during her recent trip to Italy.  

  • Allison Smith Bolt, senior fiscal manager, got married June 9
    and honeymooned in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland in
    July. Pictured is the view from a ferry traveling down the
    Naerøyfjord to Flam, Norway.  

  • Allison Smith Bolt submitted this photo of Borgund Stave
    Church in Norway.

  • Mary Theresa Sharp, assistant professor in the Department of
    Mathematical Sciences, booked a weekend tour of Pisa while
    participating as a student in the Kent State 2017 Summer
    Florence Institute. Classes for the institute met Monday through
    Thursday each week of June. Pictured in the background is the
    Leaning Tower of Pisa.

  • Mary Theresa Sharp took the night train to and from Paris,
    "spending eight packed hours in this enchanting city one weekend
    while participating as a student in the Kent State 2017 Summer
    Florence Institute," she says. Pictured is the Eiffel Tower.
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