Kent State Marketing Professor Receives Outstanding Teaching Award

Seen by her students as a mentor, Ellen Daniels, lecturer in marketing and entrepreneurship at Kent State University, is known for giving students hands-on experience in the classroom. This year, Ms. Daniels was honored with a 2017 Outstanding Teaching Award because of her unique teaching style and love for sales.

The Outstanding Teaching Award recognizes full- or part-time nontenure-track faculty members for achievements in teaching. The award is sponsored by the University Teaching Council and is presented to three finalists annually.

Ms. Daniels says she comes from a family of teachers, dating back to her great-great-grandfather, making this award that much more meaningful.Ellen Daniels (right), lecturer in marketing and entrepreneurship at Kent State University, earned an Outstanding Teaching Award.

“Students are what we are here for,” Ms. Daniels says. “If they think you’re doing a good job and take the time to fill out the nomination, that makes all the time and effort worthwhile.”

Her teaching philosophy has been described as “impactful.” Ms. Daniels focuses her class on positive outlooks and opening students’ minds.

“I want to make an impact,” Ms. Daniels says. “I want students to come to class and leave with a better idea of what professional selling is or see it as a potential occupation for them.”

Mari’ssa McKinney, senior finance major, says she entered Ms. Daniels’ class with a predetermined expectation of “hating sales” but left inspired to enter the sales field after graduation.

“Not only her courses, but just knowing her as a professor and mentor has inspired me to pursue a career in sales,” Ms. McKinney says. “You can tell she is passionate about the field.”

Ms. McKinney says Ms. Daniels has spent countless hours outside the classroom coaching her on sales skills, and that her classes continue to be her favorite courses taken at Kent State.

“Most of Professor Daniels’ methods of evaluation do not include testing but instead truly demonstrating what you have learned by doing a mock sales call,” Ms. McKinney says. “Being able to actually demonstrate and receive feedback is extremely helpful.”

Victoria Leonard, senior marketing major, says Ms. Daniels teaches what students need to know for working in the field.

“Her excitement for student success and experience show her intellect and love for sales,” Ms. Leonard says. “Each student who walks through her door is treated kindly and professionally, as she really cares about the students.”

The 2017 recipients were honored formally at the University Teaching Council’s Celebrating College Teaching conference at the President’s Luncheon on Oct. 20.

POSTED: Friday, December 8, 2017 01:55 PM
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Hannah Wagner