Kent State Moves Up Leaderboard of Most Active Companies

Kent State University is movin’ on up – one move at a time! Kent State employees are incorporating fitness into their workday, engaging more in physical activities and other aspects of well-being, and taking charge of their health.

After three years of competing in the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) National On the Move Workplace Challenge, TEAM KENT STATE finished in the top 10 in the Large Employer category, placing eighth overall.

“Our employees’ passion to excel in this competition continues to grow and has a direct correlation with our final placement on the leaderboard,” says Kim Hauge, Kent State’s director for employee wellness. “Two years ago, we finished 29th. Last year, we placed 17th, so we’re certainly moving in the right direction.”

“Each year, employees from every walk of life gear up for the On the Move National Challenge,” says Ryan Picarella, president of WELCOA. “This 12-week device-integrated movement challenge features expert content of timely topics like stress, financial well-being, nutrition and physical fitness.”

Kent State University has been named one of the Top 10 Active Companies in the nation by the Wellness Council of America.

Forty-two companies and nearly 60,000 employees entered the 12-week challenge that ran from April through June.

Boasting 858 members, “Kent State University received eighth place in the On the Move National Challenge and joined the inner circle of Most Active Companies in America with outstanding participation during the 12-week challenge,” Mr. Picarella says.

“Our partnership with WELCOA and the On the Move movement has made a difference in the lives of so many of our employees, proving a significant value to their wellness journey,” Ms. Hauge says.

As one Kent State employee writes, “The On the Move Challenge has been inspirational and informational! While I have always been good at getting my workouts in during the week, I find that I am taking time to move more during the day. The whole challenge has made me make small changes that will improve my health.”

Small changes, this is one of the main goals of On the Move, along with helping employees recognize the holistic nature of well-being and providing knowledge and skills to make those small changes that have big payoffs in how, when and where they choose to move.

“Also, via the platform, we are able to create a sense of community,” Ms. Hauge says. “I think watching the community interact and support each other is one of the greatest benefits and rewards of the program.”

To see the full leaderboard, check out To meet the Undeniable TEAM KENT STATE, click here. And, don’t forget to visit the On the Move photo gallery here to enjoy photos of “movers” all around the Kent State community!

Continue Your Wellness Journey With Life On The Move

Because of Kent State’s undeniable enthusiasm for all the attributes of the On the Move platform and Coach Sean Foy, Life on the Move has evolved as a source of continued support when not in the national challenge. Kent State makes available to all its employees the Life on the Move platform so they can continue to Boost, Learn, Assess, Move and Share their way into better health along with Kent State colleagues and friends. Coach Foy of Stronger U Academy will continue to be your weekly coach.

Registration is now open for Life on the Move. To join, simply go to and enter KentStateThrives247 as your registration code.

For more information about employee wellness, contact Kim Hauge at 330-672-7505 or You may also visit the Employee Wellness site at

POSTED: Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:04 AM
UPDATED: Monday, July 22, 2024 01:34 AM
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