Kent State University Airport Designated Airport of the Year

During its annual conference in Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio Aviation Association designated the Kent State University Airport as its Airport of the Year.

Each year, the Ohio Aviation Association selects an airport that puts into practice the association’s mission of promoting aviation by providing access and availability to the exchange of ideas and new methods, as well as information and experiences. This award is an acknowledgement that Kent State University has made extraordinary accomplishments in moving its airport program forward, and in doing so, moving aviation in Ohio forward.The Kent State University Airport has been named Airport of the Year by the Ohio Aviation Association.

“The Airport of the Year award is significant to me because it recognizes the efforts of so many people who are moving together in the same direction to improve not only our airport facility, but also the Aeronautics Program,” says David Poluga, Kent State University Airport manager. “Running an airport is a complex operation, and it takes the collective commitments of the university, our students and the local community to make it work.”

At the conference, Poluga also received an honorable mention for Airport Manager of the Year.

The Kent State University Airport has been serving the community as a general aviation airport for decades. Originally opened in 1920 by the Ohio Flying School and Transport Company, the airport has since evolved into the home of Kent State’s flight training program, which serves thousands of flights every year.

Along with flight training, the airport also serves the regional general aviation community and accommodates private turboprop and jet aircraft.

Every September, the airport hosts the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology’s Aeronautics Fair. This free public event features old war aircraft, such as the B-25 and the C-47 in addition to state-of-the art technologies. The program also offers airplane rides throughout the day. 

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POSTED: Thursday, June 22, 2017 10:41 AM
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