LaunchNET Kent State Helps Nurture Student’s Luxury Pen Business

Entrepreneurship takes many forms. It can take advantage of new technology or a new way of using old technology. In some cases, it combines new and old to create something entirely new. In Javon Miller’s case, his business was created by combining a new hobby with a tool that humans have used for centuries.

“Bovazi is a handcrafted pen and pencil company that I started in January 2017 as a senior in high school,” says Mr. Miller, a freshman psychology major. “I hand carve and assemble luxury pens from different materials.”


Made from wood and acrylic, Bovazi pens and pencils come in a variety of colors, designs and styles.


Mr. Miller already had the business in mind coming into college. He discovered and reached out to LaunchNET Kent State for support and that extra push.

Kent State University student Javon Miller's luxury pens are made from wood and acrylic.


“I came to LaunchNET seeking additional advising and resources,” he says. “LaunchNET greatly assisted. They provided useful information and mentorship, as well as opportunities for funding and networking.”


The Bovazi idea was born from his hobby.


“I came up with the idea when I got involved with woodworking and discovered that I could make pens and pencils out of different materials and then sell them,” Mr. Miller says. “LaunchNET assisted me with brainstorming new ideas and encouraged me to take on new opportunities to bring Bovazi to the next level.”


Mr. Miller gives some advice and some insight on running a business while going to school full time.


“Yes, at times it can be a challenge to manage a business in college due to priority of academics, but with good time management, ambitious drive, accountability and a good support system, it makes that balance very achievable,” he says.


Mr. Miller gives thanks to Kent State for being the support system he needed, and he credits the LaunchNET team for his continued success.


“From LaunchNET to club organizations to faculty and peers, they embrace patriotism and support,” he says.


Mr. Miller encourages other students to pursue their business dreams with LaunchNET.


Mr. Miller proves his success with LaunchNet through his recent achievement, placing second at the 2018 Kent State’s Idea Olympics.


“If you have an idea and you are serious about getting it materialized or profitable, take action and connect with LaunchNET,” he says. “Dreams, visions and ideas are meaningless without execution.”


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POSTED: Friday, March 23, 2018 03:51 PM
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Audra Gormley