Virginia Dressler, University Libraries, and Koon-Hwee Kan, School of Art

Virginia Dressler, University Libraries, and Koon-Hwee Kan, School of Art, authored “Mediating Museum Display and Technology: A Case Study of an International Exhibition Incorporating QR Codes” in Journal of Museum Education, 43(2), 159-170, 2018.

Summary: Theoretical and practical implications of incorporating Quick Response (QR) codes in a traveling international art exhibition are addressed in this paper. Blending the physical and virtual dimensions, the exhibition undergirded a pilot study of the integration of technology into traditional museum settings in both China and the United States. The conceptual and methodical framework highlighted in this study included the participatory museum, informal education, and an array of evaluation research methods and techniques. Data collected for analysis comprised a set using Google Analytics, questionnaires completed by exhibition visitors, and other in-depth qualitative findings collected from participating artists from both cultures. This paper shows that the technological aspects of display can lead directly to participatory learning with the potential for new directions and avenues of inquiry.

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