WKSU Examines Entrepreneurship With Support From the Burton D. Morgan Foundation

WKSU is delving into a yearlong examination of entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio that will profile local entrepreneurs as they navigate the challenges of starting a new business and promote an innovative idea or product, thus humanizing business creation statistics.


A grant from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation enabled the WKSU newsroom to hire two Kent State University interns to work with Jeff St. Clair, reporter and local host of NPR’s All Things Considered, on stories that focus on business creation in the region. Kellie Nock, senior journalism major with a women’s studies minor, and Lucas Misera, senior majoring in both economics and finance, will work with Mr. St. Clair on a variety of news coverage on the topic of entrepreneurship. 


The project will result in long-form features airing as part of Mr. St. Clair’s Exploradio series, as well as shorter pieces broadcast in newscasts throughout the week. The entrepreneurship reporting team will take a 360-degree look at business creation in the region and examine the resources available to startups, the market opportunities and impediments to success in the local business climate. The reporters are also going to look at the entrepreneurial mindset and what makes entrepreneurs unique.


All reports from the entrepreneurship team will be posted online at WKSU.org under the title The Entrepreneur Beat.


Burton D. Morgan Foundation champions the entrepreneurial spirit, contributes to a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and leads in the burgeoning field of entrepreneurship education.


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POSTED: Friday, February 2, 2018 09:28 AM
Updated: Saturday, December 3, 2022 01:02 AM