Yanhai Du, College of Aeronautics and Engineering

Yanhai Du, College of Aeronautics and Engineering, was co-author for the following peer-reviewed and internationally circulated journal articles:

  • D. Panthi, B. Choi, Yanhai Du, A. Tsutsumi, “Lowering the Co-Sintering Temperature of Cathode–Electrolyte Bilayers for Micro-Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells”, Ceramics International, 43, 10698-10707, 2017. (Journal Impact Factor = 2.758).
  • N. Hedayat, Yanhai Du, H. Ilkhani, “Review on Fabrication Techniques for Porous Electrodes of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells by Sacrificial Template Methods”, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 77, 1221-1239, 2017. (Journal Impact Factor  = 7.896, Corresponding Author).
  • K. Zhao and Yanhai Du, “Calcium-doped ceria materials for anode of solid oxide fuel cells running on methane fuel”, Journal of Power Sources, 347, 79–85, 2017. (Journal Impact Factor = 6.333).
  • N. Hedayat, Yanhai Du, “Using Flixweed Seed as a Pore-former to Prepare Porous Ceramics”, Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering, 5:4, 1000255, 2016. (Journal impact factor = 5.447, corresponding author).
  • K. Zhao, B.-H. Kim, Yanhai Du, Q. Xu, B.-G. Ahn, “Ceria Catalyst for Inert-Substrate-Supported Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Running on Methane Fuel”, Journal of Power Sources, 314, 10–17, 2016. (Journal Impact Factor = 6.333).
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