Is Your Beyond Compliance Training Completed?

The Division of Human Resources sets a minimum goal of two hours of Beyond Compliance training for all faculty and staff to complete each fiscal year. Beyond Compliance training provides a mix of learning opportunities that are geared toward relevant laws, university policies and violence prevention.

Training is offered in a variety of formats, including webinars, online courses and facilitator-led sessions. As an alternative, part-time employees or employees working second or third shift may view a variety of pre-recorded webinars found in Blackboard. Each webinar counts for one hour of compliance training. In order to receive proper credit, viewers should place a “yes” in the comment box after watching the video.

The deadline to satisfy Beyond Compliance training is June 30. For the entire list of offerings, check out the Beyond Compliance registration site. For additional questions regarding Beyond Compliance, please contact the Human Resources Training and Development office at 330-672-2100 or email