Students Develop Career-Ready Skills Through My Story On The Web Course

Kent State University students learn online skills, including storytelling and resume creation, through the School of Digital Science’s My Story on the Web course.


This in-person and online course held each semester allows students, regardless of their major, to dive into web design, multimedia projects, social media and ethical considerations.


“Students learn about Wordpress, video and photography,” said Fred Barrett, one of the My Story on the Web instructors. “Students use multiple components to tell a story online.”


Through a diverse assortment of assignments, students are exposed to free tools on the web that make web production and storytelling easier and more efficient. They learn internet laws, enabling them to create legal, professional quality content on the web.


This class introduces many students to lots of free online resources, apps and tutorials,” said Laura Fong, online instructor of My Story on the Web. “It covers topics on privacy, copyright, digital identity, transparency and social media, because all assignments are published on a public blog or website. The assignments range from a basic blog post writing assignment to producing a video that features action as the subject.”


Students leave the course able to create a basic website, use common design principles to format multimedia projects or websites, create and edit photographs and many more skills.


Barrett and Fong agree these skills will carry students through college and onto careers, making them stand out among others without similar multimedia and web skills.


“Students can take this class and use it for their benefit,” Barrett said. “I teach Wordpress branding which can lead to a successful website able to be used as a portfolio for job interviews.”


“After the class, many students re-purpose the sites they construct in class to suit their individual talents and career aspirations,” Fong said. “It is often their first attempt at a digital identity outside of their social media identity. This class shows them how to be in charge of that identity so that hopefully by the time they graduate, they will have a good online identity to support them in whatever endeavors they pursue after graduation from Kent State.”

POSTED: Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 3:33pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 10:20am