SD Recommended Courses I

COMM 35600 Communication in Small Groups and Teams
COMM 43000 Communications Technology and Human Interaction
COMM 45957 Language, Meaning and Cognition
COMM 15000 Introduction to Human Communication
COMM 35852 Intercultural Communication
IT 20021 C Sharp Programming
IT 21200* Ethical  Hacking
IT 36302* Advanced C Sharp Programming
IT 36310* Multimedia Development Tools
IT 36318* Survey of In formation Security, Internet Fraud and Computer Forensics
IT 36320* Computer Forensics
IT 42000* Social Media Security
IT 36309* Programming Mobile Applications
IT 36322* Social Media and Mobile Device Forensics
IT 42002* Wireless and Mobile Device Security
CS 10001 Computer Literacy
CS 10051 Introduction to Computer Science
CS 13001* Computer Science I: Programming and Problem Solving
CS 13401 User Level Computer Security
CS 33101* Structure of Programming Languages