SD Recommended Courses II

CS 33211* Operating Systems
CS 43203* Systems Administration
CS 43202* Systems Programming
DSCI 10010 Society, Culture, and the Digital Sciences
DSCI 10410 Information Ethics and Social Responsibility
DSCI 49910* Emerging Technologies in Digital Sciences
ENG 20002* Introduction to Technical Writing
ENG 30062* Principles of Technical Writing
ENG 30063* Professional Writing
ENTR 27056 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
GEOG 29160 Mapping Our World
GEOG 49070* Geographic Information Science
GEOG 49076* Spatial Programming
GEOG 49080* Advanced Geographic Information Science
GEOG 49085 Web and Mobile Geographic Information Science
GEOG 49162* Cartography and Geovisualization
GEOG 49163* Cartography and Geovisualization Lab
ITEC 47413 Digital Video in Education
ITEC 47427 Technology and Learning
ITEC 47430 Computer Applications in Education