SD Recommended Courses III

JMC 20001 Media, Power and  Culture
JMC 21008 Social Media Strategies
LIS 30010 Information Fluency in the Workplace and Beyond
MIS 34054* Using Information Systems for Solving Business Problems
MIS 34060* Operations Management
MIS 34068* Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 34070* Programming Theory and Applications
MIS 34158* Managerial and Technological Aspects of Healthcare Systems Management
MIS 34165* Dynamics of Leadership
MIS 44043* Database Management Systems
MIS 44049* Network Management and Cybersecurity
PSYC 11762 General Psychology
PSYC 40445* Cognitive Psychology
TECH 10001 Information Technology
TECH 26010* Introduction to Computer Engineering Technology
TECH 43050* Inventive Problem Solving
TECH 43222* Computer Hardware Engineering and Architecture
TECH 46330* Visual Basic Programming in Engineering Technology
UXD 20001* Introduction to User Experience Design
UXD 40104* Usability
VCD 37000 Multimedia Tools Advanced