Software Development Pathway

Who We Are:

Applied and experimental thinkers who focus on computational definitions and logic to solve a variety of website, software, and user interface related problems.  

The best SDs are well versed in a variety of computer languages and discrete logic, and are equipped with knowledge in human-computer interactions that, when used, assists organizations with customer relationships, system infrastructures, and software design.

The Run Down

The Software Developer pathway is tailored to provide students the opportunity to learn and refine current computer programming languages and logic, that are used in a multitude of digital technologies, throughout the industry.  Students are tasked with solving real-world problems as they study standardized C++ definitions and the basics of software engineering, human interactions, and technology in culture and society. 

This provides a fully rounded experience within computational programming and up-to-date business practices that prepares students for future market innovations.  Students walking this path can expect to be qualified for Software Engineer, UI Designer, Front-end Designer, and Web Application Developer job positions. 

Along this pathway, students may find that the following courses will complement their education and career goals:  CS 43202* Design & Analysis of Algorithms, COMM 36302 C# Programming, MIS 44043* Network Theory & Applications, MIS 34068* Programming Theory & Applications, CS33101* Operating Systems

Bachelor's Program Requirements

COMM 35600 Communication in Small Groups and Teams
COMM 43000 Communications Technology and Human Interaction
COMM 45957 Language, Meaning and Cognition
COMM 15000 Introduction to Human Communication
COMM 35852 Intercultural Communication
IT 20021 C Sharp Programming
IT 21200* Ethical  Hacking
IT 36302* Advanced C Sharp Programming
IT 36310* Multimedia Development Tools
IT 36318* Survey of In formation Security, Internet Fraud and Computer Forensics
IT 36320* Computer Forensics
IT 42000* Social Media Security
IT 36309* Programming Mobile Applications
IT 36322* Social Media and Mobile Device Forensics
IT 42002* Wireless and Mobile Device Security
CS 10001 Computer Literacy
CS 10051 Introduction to Computer Science
CS 13001* Computer Science I: Programming and Problem Solving
CS 13401 User Level Computer Security
CS 33101* Structure of Programming Languages
CS 33211* Operating Systems
CS 43203* Systems Administration
CS 43202* Systems Programming
DSCI 10010 Society, Culture, and the Digital Sciences
DSCI 10410 Information Ethics and Social Responsibility
DSCI 49910* Emerging Technologies in Digital Sciences
ENG 20002* Introduction to Technical Writing
ENG 30062* Principles of Technical Writing
ENG 30063* Professional Writing
ENTR 27056 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
GEOG 29160 Mapping Our World
GEOG 49070* Geographic Information Science
GEOG 49076* Spatial Programming
GEOG 49080* Advanced Geographic Information Science
GEOG 49085 Web and Mobile Geographic Information Science
GEOG 49162* Cartography and Geovisualization
GEOG 49163* Cartography and Geovisualization Lab
ITEC 47413 Digital Video in Education
ITEC 47427 Technology and Learning
ITEC 47430 Computer Applications in Education
JMC 20001 Media, Power and  Culture
JMC 21008 Social Media Strategies
LIS 30010 Information Fluency in the Workplace and Beyond
MIS 34054* Using Information Systems for Solving Business Problems
MIS 34060* Operations Management
MIS 34068* Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 34070* Programming Theory and Applications
MIS 34158* Managerial and Technological Aspects of Healthcare Systems Management
MIS 34165* Dynamics of Leadership
MIS 44043* Database Management Systems
MIS 44049* Network Management and Cybersecurity
PSYC 11762 General Psychology
PSYC 40445* Cognitive Psychology
TECH 10001 Information Technology
TECH 26010* Introduction to Computer Engineering Technology
TECH 43050* Inventive Problem Solving
TECH 43222* Computer Hardware Engineering and Architecture
TECH 46330* Visual Basic Programming in Engineering Technology
UXD 20001* Introduction to User Experience Design
UXD 40104* Usability
VCD 37000 Multimedia Tools Advanced