Enrollment Management Academic Partnerships

The Enrollment Management Academic Partnerships office provides guidance & support on strategic partnerships & cross-divisional initiatives that affect policies, processes & operations within Enrollment Management.


Such initiatives include:

  • Develop partnerships with the Division of Academic Affairs on academic policy and processes that impact Enrollment Management strategy and operations.
  • Work collaboratively with Academic Affairs on initiatives related to curriculum, advising, orientation and retention, as they support enrollment management processes and strategies.
  • Provide support to Enrollment Management initiatives that involve academic policies, processes and services.
  • Manage and plan specific divisional initiatives and programs that may include partnerships with other divisions or areas across the University.
  • Develop and strengthen collaborative relationships across the university by working with key partners and serving as the liaison for the division of Enrollment Management.
  • Evaluate existing academic and student success policies; recommend and implement future polices that support enrollment management goals.
  • Serve on various academic policy and advising committees on behalf of Enrollment Management.