Assistant to the Chair

The Assistant to the Chair is appointed by the Chair in consultation with FAC and the faculty as a whole.  The term of appointment is normally for three years and normally carries with it a workload equivalency of three hours per semester.   The Assistant to the Chair is a regular full-time faculty member with tenure and performs tasks determined by the Chair.  Typical duties of the Assistant to the Chair are:

  1. Duties of the Assistant to the Chair

    The responsibilities of the Assistant to the Chair include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Facilitating communication and collaboration between English faculty at Kent and regional campuses.
    • In consultation with the Chair, coordinating peer evaluations of teaching for TT and full-time NTT English faculty at regional campuses.
    • Consulting with the Writing Program Coordinator and Undergraduate Studies Coordinator to process requests for part-time pool approval for regional campuses.
    • Serving as the Kent campus representative when the Chair convenes the Regional Campuses Committee comprised of the English Coordinators from all campuses.
    • Coordinating Kent Campus course schedule with Program Coordinators and Department Administrative Assistant.
    • Serving as ex officio non-voting member of FAC (but eligible to stand for election as a voting member of FAC).