Coursework & Practicum

The TEFL Certificate program requires 18 credit hours to be completed: 12 credit hours of coursework and 6 hours of practicum. The practicum must be completed in Florence, Italy*. 

*If you are an Education major/minor, please discuss the practicum requirement with your academic advisor.

I. Coursework (12 credit hours)

TEFL Student Teaching, Writing on Whiteboard

There are four required courses as part of the TEFL Certificate. In these courses, you'll learn fundamentals of English grammar, linguistics, and language teaching. NOTE: ENG 31007, TESL Pedagogy, is a practicum prerequisite and must be successfully completed before you schedule your spring or summer Florence teaching practicum.

Required Courses:

Fundamental English Grammar

ENG 31001 (3 credit hours)


ENG 31003 (3 credit hours)

TESL Pedagogy*

ENG 31007 (3 credit hours)
*practicum prerequisite

Grammar for TESL/TEFL

ENG 31008 (3 credit hours)

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II. Practicum (6 credit hours)

Two 3-credit hour sections of course ENG 41292 must be taken in Florence, Italy

What is the practicum?

  • The practicum exposes you to hands-on training through classroom observations, assisting, and teaching your own classes.
  • You will observe and assist English classes at elementary school, middle school, high school, or university in Florence.
  • You will plan with an advisor, and teach your own course in a local school or company in or nearby Florence.
  • You will observe, assist and critique your peers' teaching, and they will observe and assist in yours..
  • The practicum can be customized to meet your educational goals. For instance, if you are more interested in a TEFL career teaching children, we will build your practicum schedule accordingly.

Attend an Information Meeting to learn more about the practicum.


When do I take the practicum?

Teaching WH-questions

You will complete the practicum in Florence, Italy during the 4-week Florence Summer Institute.

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