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Welcome to the ESL Center at Kent State University. The ESL Center provides intensive English language instruction to international students who want to enter American universities or learn English for other personal or professional reasons. Our mission is to prepare you for your undergraduate or graduate studies in the United States of America.

The ESL Center is committed to academic excellence through flexibility in program design. All courses are available at various proficiency levels to insure that students receive the best English training possible. All classes are taught by experienced instructors who have a passion for helping our students achieve their academic goals.

The ESL Center at Kent State University is located in Kent, Ohio, just 45 minutes south of Cleveland and 15 minutes east of Akron. Kent State University has a current enrollment of over 40,000 students. Kent city has an approximate population of 28,000 people. Northeast Ohio offers a wide variety of cultural and sports events. You can enjoy the Cleveland Orchestra, Ohio Ballet, art galleries, museums, hiking trails, parks, skiing, the Cleveland Indians, etc. Also, please note that Ohio has four seasons!

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