Writing Internship Program


What if I don’t have my own transportation?

There are internship opportunities available on campus as well as some locations that are accessible by PARTA.

Will I be required to attend a class in addition to my internship hours?

Interns typically meet with the internship director and other interns 6-7 times per semester, usually every other Tuesdays from 8am-9am or 9am-10am depending on students' schedules. These meetings are intended to help students solve problems and discuss experiences at internship sites.

What additional work will I be required to do beyond my on-site hours?

Interns are expected to keep a reflective journal to be turned in twice a month throughout the semester. Interns will also submit a final report that consists of an updated resume and cover letter and a 5-7 page report as a final reflection on your internship experience.

How will my final grade be determined?

Your final grade will be calculated as follows:     

  • On-site work and supervisor evaluation.
  • Final Report
  • Reflective Journals
  • Internship Meetings