The LRSP doctoral major requires:

  • 30 seminars hours beyond the M.A.
  • Passing the Second Language or Other Representation Systems (SLORS) requirement
  • Passing the Qualifying examinations
  • Completion of the Dissertation

LRSP Advising activity is integrated throughout the program. Ideally, students complete the program in four years: two years of coursework (15 hours or 5 seminars each year). The following timeline sets out the typical program plan for completion of the degree in four years:

Year One
Fall Term (1st Semester)
  • Schedule an advising appointment with the LRSP Co-Chair
  • Take ENG 75011: "Introduction to the Field"
  • Take 1 or 2 other seminars (1 or 2 should be "Core" seminars)
    1.) If you do not have the equivalent, one will be "Teaching College English," or
    2.) If you have the equivalent, participate in the Teaching Mentoring program
  • Review Program Requirements and SLORS documents.
  • If you have sufficient preparation, take a language examination this term or the next.
Spring Term (2nd Semester)
  • Take ENG 75012: "Reading & Interpreting Research on Writing"
  • Take 1 or 2 other seminars (all students should take 5 per year; 1-2 should be "Core" seminars)
  • Assemble your advising committee: 3 LRSP faculty whose areas of expertise have some relation to your interests; 1 member of the committee serves as chair.
  • Take language exam or begin preparations for fulfilling the "Other Representation System" requirement.
Year Two
Fall Term (3rd Semester)
  • Take 2 or 3 seminars (5 per year)
  • Begin assembling Qualifying Exam Committee (3 English faculty, 2 must be in LRSP; most will consist of 3 LRSP)
  • Complete SLORS requirement
Spring Term (4th Semester)
  • Take remaining seminars
  • Form Qualifying Examination Committee (3 LRSP faculty; likely Dissertation Committee Members)
  • Prepare a short description of your anticipated dissertation project to Qualifying Exam committee
  • Develop reading lists and rationales for Qualifying Exams with the advice of your examination committee
  • Begin preparing for Qualifying Examinations
  • SLORS requirement must be complete before Exams may be taken.

Year Three
Fall Term (5th Semester)
  • Enroll for Dissertation I hours
  • Prepare for and take Qualifying Examinations.
  • ¬†Form Dissertation Committee
  • Begin Prospectus, meeting with Dissertation Committee throughout drafting process.
Spring Term (6th Semester)
  • Enroll for Dissertation I hours
  • File Prospectus (by Mar. 1 for consideration for Pringle and University Fellowships, by Apr. 1 for consideration for Stephen P. Witte Fellowships)
  • Begin conducting research and drafting of the dissertation.
Year Four
Fall Term (7th Semester)
  • Enroll for Dissertation II hours
  • Continue to write dissertation
  • Circulate and review chapters as completed
  • Apply for jobs; interview at MLA
Spring Term (8th Semester)
  • Enroll for Dissertation II hours
  • File for graduation by first week of semester
  • Complete dissertation
  • Dissertation Committee will meet (Preliminary to Defense Meeting)
  • Oral Defense of Dissertation (for Spring Graduation, defend by mid-March; Summer Graduation, defend by early July)