M.A. in English for Teachers

The M.A. in English for Teachers is a degree program for teachers currently working in the field who are interested in advanced study of literature and writing.

Course work is focused on current scholarship and approaches to literature and writing. While it is not a degree in literary and composition pedagogy, it is designed to encourage the application of current literary and writing research to the work responsibilities of the practicing teacher.

Course Work

The M.A. in English for Teachers requires 33 hours of graduate course work. Courses are offered during the evenings and in summer. The following restrictions and requirements apply:

  • At least one course is required in three of the following areas: Literary Traditions; Literary Criticism and Theory; Creative Writing (Craft and Theory courses only); and Rhetoric and Composition.
  • Up to 9 hours of graduate course work may be taken outside of the Department of English. For example, a student who teaches American literature may wish to complement the Department of English courses in that field with graduate courses on teaching literature at the secondary level in Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies; a student with responsibility for dramatics may wish to complement courses in dramatic literature with graduate courses in Theatre and Dance.
  • Up to 6 hours of graduate workshops at Kent State University may be applied toward the total of 33 hours of course work required for the degree.
  • At least 18 hours of graduate course work (or a combination of course work and workshops, not including the Master's Project) must be taken in the Department of English at Kent State University.

Master's Project Option

Students may elect to write a Master's Project. The Master's Project is an extended piece of writing in which substantial research on a topic in literature or writing is applied to a problem or responsibility encountered in the work of the practicing teacher. Students who choose the Master's Project Option must complete 27 hours of course work (or a combination of course work and workshops, according to the guidelines listed above under "Course Work") and 6 hours of Research devoted to the project.

After completing no more than 18 hours of coursework, the student will select an adviser for the Master's Research Project. The project adviser will help the student develop a proposal and form a committee of two additional faculty. Graduate faculty from departments outside of the Department of English must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator and Department Chair to serve on the project committee. The proposal must be approved by the project committee, Graduate Coordinator, Department Chair, and Graduate Dean. The student will defend the completed project in a public oral examination conducted by the project committee.

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