M.A. in TESL for Teachers

For those who want to earn a Masters in TESL and teach in public school

Our program represents a unique, communication-based approach to TESL. Graduate students receive strong grounding in language theory while also developing the interpersonal skills necessary to provide intensive instruction to ESL students.

The M.A. TESL Teacher's Concentration is a 48-hour program of study (including student teaching) preparing teachers for state licensure in Ohio and teaching in early childhood, primary, and secondary education.

There are several requirements for the M.A. TESL Teacher's Concentration:

  1. Forty-eight hours of coursework drawn from several fields, including linguistics, English grammar, second language acquisition, language teaching, sociolinguistics, cultural studies, computers in language teaching, curriculum design, standards-based instruction, and literacy in education
  2. Final Portfolio or Final Exam will give each student hands-on training and works closely with faculty in the preparation of the student's choice of a professional portfolio or culminating exams.
  3. Foreign Language Requirement
  4. Admission to Student Teaching in Education Health and Human Services
  5. Completion of state mandated tests (Praxis I and licensure requirement). See Ohio Department of Education-Educator Preparation website.
  6. Student Teaching

To apply to the program, please see the TESL Graduate Admissions page.

To apply for an assistantship, you must complete the admissions process above by February 1, and in addition, complete the Application for Assistantship and send this to the Graduate Secretary in the Department of English.  Students with assistantships serve as ESL instructors and tutors.  Limited opportunities for research assistantships and non-teaching fellowships are also available. Assistantships are highly competitive.