Ph.D. Literature: Literary Traditions Concentration Requirements

(Revised Spring 2017, Effective Fall 2018)

Required Core Course: (3 hours), ENG 76706, Methods in the Study of Literature

Required only for students on appointment: (3 hours), ENG 61094, Introduction to Research in Teaching College Writing

Literary Traditions: (12 hours, 4 Literature Courses)

Literary Criticism and Theory: (3 hours) 

Electives: (9 hours, 3 hours of “Research” may be used to fulfill elective requirement). Students may fill 3 credit hours of Electives with an Independent Investigation approved by the faculty member supervising the course. For additional Independent Investigation hours, the student must request graduate faculty approval.

Independent Investigation: The Dissertation Prospectus (3 hours)

Total Hours: 30 hours (may include 3 “Research Hours”)

Qualifying Examinations: Major and Minor Area



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