PORTFOLIO Guidelines for students admitted in Fall 2016 or earlier

The intent of the portfolio is to provide the TESL M.A. candidate the opportunity to present his/her professional development, to integrate TESL theory and practice, and to point to future career directions. It is typically completed during the student's last semester of study. The portfolio is designed to selectively demonstrate superior examples of student work in a number of areas. Portfolios can be used in finding professional employment, or they may document an academic record of student development in the field.

Two or more products are required for each item on the list below. A table of contents and an overview essay, which serves as verbal map to the portfolio, are required. The portfolio should be organized and accessible in a self evident fashion, so if any instructions are needed — on using multimedia, for example — they should be clearly presented to be the reader, perhaps included in the sleeve of CD.

Portfolios must be defended before two Department of English (Hamrick, Miller, Precht-Byrd, and/or Rilling) TESL faculty members. The candidate should submit the completed portfolio to the committee one week prior to defending it in either paper or CD from (to be specified by faculty). During the defense, the candidate should briefly highlight strengths of the portfolio. The committee will then examine the student on the elements of the portfolio and suggest revisions. Portfolio defenses may not be scheduled during finals week.

PORTFOLIO STRUCTURE:  (*indicates mandatory elements)

Overview Products

*e.g. your roadmap as described above

Administrative Products

Product suggestions:

  • *CV
  • Transcripts
  • Certificates

Teaching and Integration Products

Product suggestions:

  • Lesson Plans/Materials/Tests prepared for a specified audience
  • Syllabi/Curricula
  • Self reflective products, such as action research, teaching journal
  • Course/Materials design, including needs analysis, etc.
  • *Philosophy of teaching statement

Academic Products

Product suggestions:

  • Papers/Projects revised with course professor's consultation
  • Proposal for conference presentation/poster session
  • Paper/poster/handout presented at a conference/symposium
  • Paper/book review/notes published