Undergraduates Studies Center

Undergraduate Studies Center

The English Undergraduate Studies Center is located in room 204 Satterfield Hall.     

Here you will find your Undergraduate Studies Coordinator's Office. There is a lounge area for English and TESL majors in the Center. 

The Center hosts a number of events each year for English and TESL majors. Also, the Center maintains a listserv for English majors called ENGMAJ and a listserv for TESL majors called BA_TESL. If you would like to be added to the listserv contact Sheri McMahon, Administrative Assistant.

Ed Dauterich edauteri@kent.edu
Assistant UG Coordinator
205-E Satterfield Hall

Mindy Uhrig muhrig1@kent.edu
BA English Advisor
201-F Satterfield Hall

Ayham Abuzeid aabuzeid@kent.edu
BA TESL Advisor
203 Satterfield Hall