Undergraduates Studies Center

Undergraduate Studies Center

The English Undergraduate Studies Center is located in room 204 Satterfield Hall.  If you need to see a faculty advisor, this is the place.  Here you will find your Undergraduate Studies Coordinator's Office and your Assistant Undergraduate Coordinator's Office. There is a lounge area for English majors and TESL majors in the Center (SFH room 203 & 204).            

The Center hosts a number of events each year for English majors.  Look for the scheduling, resume, and applying to graduate school workshops, and be sure to attend.  The Center has reference material for your use.  You may use these materials in the Center.  You can also sign materials out with the Undergraduate Studies Secretary.  Also, the Center maintains a listserv for English majors called ENGMAJ and a listserv for TESL majors called BA_TESL. Make sure you are subscribed to this list because it provides English and TESL majors with important information and reminders. If you would like to subscribe to ENGMAJ, contact Dr. Winebrenner at kwinebre@kent.edu. If you would like to subscribe to BA TESL, contact Dr. Sturr at rsturr@kent.edu.

NEW ENGLISH STUDENTS:  All students must formally declare their major with The College of Arts and Science in Bowman Hall room 105.  Even if you cited on your application to Kent State University that English will be your major, you still must go to Bowman Hall room 105 to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Dr. Robert Sturr rsturr@kent.edu
Undergraduate Studies Coordinator
204 D Satterfield Hall

Dr. Kimberly Winebrenner kwinebre@kent.edu
Assistant Undergraduate Studies Coordinator
Advising Coordinator
204 A Satterfield Hall

Tammy Frietchen tfrietch@kent.edu
Undergraduate Studies Secretary
204 B Satterfield Hall