What is the challenge? | Kent State University

What is the challenge?

The online challenge program gives you the opportunity to challenge placement in Introduction to College Writing Stretch (ENG 01001) or College Writing I (ENG 11011). We have started the online program so that you do not have to make a separate trip to Kent State University to write a challenge essay. The essay you write for this challenge gives us the opportunity to carefully look at your writing and move you to a different level class if we feel that your writing skills warrant such a move.

This program allows you, the student, to challenge your writing placement based on the quality of your essay. Once your essay has been scored, we will make a recommendation for your appropriate writing course. You may choose to follow that recommendation or stay with your original placement based on your ACT/SAT or COMPASS scores. If we recommend a lower placement and you choose to stay in the original course, you need to be aware that it might prove to be difficult for you.

The essay you write will be based on articles we have chosen and will represent the kind of work you can expect in our college writing courses. We want you to have ample time to read the articles that form the basis of your writing task. We also want you to have ample time to think about the writing task, to write a draft or two, to revise carefully and then submit a completed essay via the online challenge process. You may challenge only once, but you can choose when to take it. 

Your initial course placement has been decided according to our placement guidelines. Not all Kent State University students are eligible to challenge their writing placement. Returning students with over 30 hours and students who have failed these courses or who have incompletes are not eligible to take the challenge.