When will I know the outcome of the online challenge? | Department of English | Kent State University

When will I know the outcome of the online challenge?

Essays will be graded by the Department of English faculty as they come in, starting in April. There may be a short wait depending on how many students are challenging at any given time. But remember, you can get started immediately. The sooner you complete the challenge, the better. If changing your course assignment is recommended, you will have plenty of time to do so. The ability to enroll in your desired course, however, depends on whether or not there are seats available in the class.  You will not need to call the department to check on your placement before you are notified. If you are registering the week before school begins, your challenge will be handled manually by contacting the English Department at english@kent.edu. The turnaround will be faster, but it may be harder to find open courses at that time.

Please note that if you place out of College Writing I (ENG 11011), we encourage you to wait until your sophomore year to take College Writing II (ENG 21011). Students taking this course have generally been at Kent State University for at least a year. Also note that students registering on the Kent campus begin the placement process with CWI (ENG11011): the stretch courses are available only on the regional campuses, and Kent campus students will not be placed into them.