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Welcome to the Division of Enrollment Management at Kent State University

Kent State is the most unique and powerful institution I’ve ever been part of in my career. The people here are so welcoming and it truly feels like family. From the moment I stepped foot on this campus, I felt like I belonged, and I know our students are accepted with open arms as well.

At Kent State University, we provide our students with the tools they need to change the world!

Students will absolutely be ready for employment or a higher degree when they graduate. In fact, 92% of our recent grads were employed or seeking an advanced degree within six months of graduation.

I know that affordability is always top of mind. Our tuition and financial aid opportunities remain extremely competitive. For most students, tuition will not go up; we lock the base tuition rate and room and board for four years.

There are many other reasons why I think Kent State University is the best choice for our young adults, including our rankings, scholarships and academic opportunities. The staff in my division are dedicated to helping students learn about Kent State, get admitted, register for classes and pay for their education so they can start down their unique path of passion and purpose.

Mary G. Parker, Ed.D.
Vice President for Enrollment Management

At Kent State University, we embrace you for all that makes you special. Kent State is so much more than a college education. It's a learning experience for life!

Enrollment Management Operations & Administration supports the Division of Enrollment Management by providing strategic and operational leadership and visioning for initiatives and systems.

Access resources for Financial Aid & Scholarships, Billing & Payment, Student Records & Academic Transcripts, and Financial Wellness.

Kent State University provides information to help facilitate the financial aid process, in order to make it as simple as possible. It is important to have a financial plan in place to help towards your educational expenses prior to attending college.

The University Registrar's primary services include: academic records maintenance, academic scheduling services, athletic eligibility, determination of Ohio residency, diploma processing, enrollment and registration, enrollment certification, grades processing, name changes for current students, schedule of classes, third-party enrollment reporting and transcript services.