Creating an Accessible Kent State

The Value of Becoming a Student-with-Disabilities-Ready University

*Designed for Unit, Department, and Division Leaders or Other Administrators

Presented by:
Amanda Feaster, Director of Student Accessibility Services, Division of Student Affairs
Alison Haynes, Digital Accessibility Compliance Coordinator, Division of Information Technology

We could be missing our chance to nurture and educate thousands of students by not valuing digital and physical accessibility enough. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that 19% ofCreating Accessibility Awareness Icon college students have at least one disability, and the chances that future and current Kent State students (and/or someone in their close circle) will have a disability are increasing as access to postsecondary education increases. This training will help you see the value of better accessibility preparedness and advocacy as one of the ways we live our Kent State values. Your buy-in can dramatically increase the impact of existing efforts and expand accessibility as a critical part of recruitment, retention, and ultimately, graduation, of Kent State students.


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February 23, 2023; 11:00am - 12:00pm
Virtual Teams Session

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