Veroni Memorial Lectures in Philosophy & the Humanities

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm
Moulton Hall

There is a familiar, everyday notion of responsibility. Much of daily life on and off the job is consumed with taking care of responsibilities in this sense. But what is a responsibility, and how are responsibilities related to obligations? Looking at cases where people choose to take on responsibilities is helpful in understanding just what responsibility is, why taking on responsibilities matters, and how taking on responsibilities can be done badly. Cheshire Calhoun is a CLAS Trustee Professor of Philosophy at Arizona State University and chair of the American Philosophical Association’s board of officers. She works in the areas of normative ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of emotion, feminist philosophy, and gay and lesbian philosophy. She has recently published a collection of previously published essays under the title Moral Aims: Essays on the Importance of Getting it Right and Practicing Morality with Others (OUP 2016), and a new book titled Doing Valuable Time: The Present, the Future, and Meaningful Living (OUP 2018). She is the series editor for Oxford University Press’s Studies in Feminist Philosophy