Community Advisory Groups to Ashtabula Campus Academic Programs and the Dean

Both the evolution of the Regional Campuses and their role and mission dictate that external advisory groups play an important part in their continuing development. Because of the practice of encouraging each campus to grow in a way that is compatible with the community in which it operates, the external advisory groups from campus to campus do not have identical titles. In general, these groups function at two distinct levels:

a.    Community Advisory Group to the Ashtabula Campus and the Dean
Each Regional Campus has what is in effect an advisory board, the membership of which is determined by the board itself. It advises the Dean on the educational needs and concerns of the community. In turn, the Dean informs the group of developments on Campus. At the Ashtabula Campus this advisory group is titled the Ashtabula Area College Committee, Inc.

b.    Community Advisory Groups for Academic Programs
Each campus also maintains advisory groups for its programs to comply with the Board of Regents' requirements. These groups inform the Campus Dean and faculty of developments in the field, apprise them of pertinent community needs, and assist with curriculum development and revision, recruitment, placement of graduates, and program promotion. Advisory committees presently operate for all associate degree programs offered at the Ashtabula Campus.