Kent State Ashtabula Guidelines for Weighting Reappointment and Tenure Criteria

Kent State Ashtabula considers the annual probationary reappointment review to be a formative and mentoring evaluation, an opportunity to help colleagues establish a record of performance in teaching, discovery, integration, and application as well as university citizenship that will be sufficient for continued reappointment and ultimately a successful tenure review. Candidates for review are not evaluated along single, isolated dimensions of performance, but the committee evaluates their whole performance, viewed as a unified, integrated record of a teacher-scholar and university citizen. Since candidates are evaluated in this way, it is inappropriate to weight unit criteria by merely quantifying and assigning percentages to various dimensions of performance. Instead, reappointment and tenure evaluations are guided by a system of values embodied by general principles informed by the mission of Kent State Ashtabula.


A candidate who demonstrates (or in reappointment reviews exhibits the potential to demonstrate) excellence in the scholarship of teaching, and who is a contributing campus citizen will probably receive a positive recommendation despite a modest record in the other scholarships.


Sometimes a candidate who demonstrates excellence in teaching, research and service will receive a positive recommendation despite modest records in the scholarship of teaching and university citizenship.


However, a candidate with a poor record in either the scholarship of teaching-especially classroom performance-or the research and service criteria will probably not receive a positive recommendation.