This Kent State University at Ashtabula Faculty Handbook has been prepared to provide a description of the major processes, procedures and practices that direct and affect the professional and academic rights of the faculty at Kent State University at Ashtabula, hereinafter referred to as Kent State Ashtabula. Specific information is included on the advisory role of the faculty in governance, and procedures and expectations regarding faculty growth and development. The handbook also contains information on the structure and organization of the Campus. By including information on how Regional Campus policies and procedures are carried out locally, this handbook is also intended to complement the Kent State University Regional Campus Faculty Handbook, which applies to the entire Kent State Regional Campus system.


This handbook includes information of general interest to the Kent State Ashtabula Campus faculty about those university policies and procedures most relevant to their professional academic life. For complete information on related policy, see the primary sources: the University Policy Register and the Collective Bargaining Agreements for tenure-track faculty and for FTNTT faculty (available in the Kent State Ashtabula Dean's office). Nothing in this handbook should be construed as being contradictory to those documents in any way; indeed, in case of contradiction, those documents take precedence.