Role of Ashtabula Campus Faculty in Departmental Affairs

Ashtabula Campus faculty are represented on a number of departmental, school or college committees, including Faculty Advisory Committee, School and/or College committees and curriculum committees. They also participate in a variety of other matters relating to the academic responsibilities of their departments, schools and colleges, including search committees, reappointment, tenure, and promotion committees, and other committees.

Ashtabula Campus faculty hold rank within their respective academic departments and are then reviewed by their colleagues for reappointment, tenure, and promotion. However, tenure, when earned by a Regional Campus faculty member, is granted to the faculty member in the Regional Campuses, not the Kent Campus.

The colleges and academic departments at the Kent Campus, including Regional College, are responsible for such academic matters as course approvals, evaluation and assessment of instruction, curriculum development and evaluation. The decisions made at the unit, department, school, and college level directly impact each regional campus so it is important regional campus faculty have a role and voice in departmental matters. Therefore, in an effort to ensure coordination and integration, regional campus faculty participate in governance to their respective academic departments and units.