Summer Teaching Assignments

Summer teaching opportunities may be available for Kent State Ashtabula faculty members, and are contingent upon course demands and enrollment projections. The Dean makes summer teaching assignments. The Regional Campus System follows the rule of equitable distribution of opportunities for summer employment among members of the regular faculty bargaining unit. In actual practice, this principle requires supervision by faculty members and administrators alike, because staffing changes are irregular and positions are often not filled until the last moment, when many faculty are away from their campuses.


Tenured or tenure-track faculty are to receive the first opportunity to teach summer school (including intersession) before any other Kent State faculty member or non-KSU personnel (Collective Bargaining Agreement). When classes are available, summer teaching shall be offered to faculty on this basis:  regular full-time tenure-track, FTNTT, and finally, adjunct. The FTNTT faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates that, after tenure-track faculty, Kent State Ashtabula FTNTT faculty are to be given “next priority in consideration” for summer teaching.


Should a full-time faculty member desire to teach a summer course on another Regional Campus, he or she must every year and in writing contact the Dean of the campus where teaching is desired to inform the Dean of the interest in a summer teaching assignment. This writing notification is provided to the Dean during the preceding fall term by an established deadline (generally, in November). This notification does not guarantee that a course will be offered, only that the faculty member’s name is added to the list for consideration if resident/tenured faculty at that campus are unavailable to teach the course. There is no reimbursement for travel to and from the campuses where assignments are made.


The normal summer load of 6 hours per term for tenured and tenure-track faculty, referenced in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, shall be understood as embracing the opportunity for compensation of services totaling up to a maximum of 12 hours for all Summer Terms combined, excluding Intersession. The provision that there shall be no additional payment for any overload assignment accepted by a faculty member in excess of these limitations shall be retained.


Intersession Teaching

Opportunities to teach a single course each year during intersession, a three-week period between the end of spring semester and the beginning of summer classes, may be available for Kent State Ashtabula faculty members. Course offerings are approved by the Dean and contingent upon course demand, enrollment projections, and the probability of the successful delivery of the course in the intensive intersession format. An intersession assignment does not count for either summer load or for overload.


Compensation for summer courses may be subject to the University’s Enrollment Contingency policy as described in the CBA, Article IX, Section 4-B-2.