Teaching Assignments

The Ashtabula Campus Dean and Chief Administrative Officer, in collaboration with the Assistant Dean and in consultation with faculty, is responsible for assigning Ashtabula Campus faculty to courses and determining a faculty’s workload each term. Workloads are communicated to faculty in accordance with guidelines and deadlines established by the faculty CBAs. These workload assignments are made upon consideration of enrollment projections, faculty eligibility to teach, and other University needs.

The faculty member's academic unit has the responsibility to approve faculty to teach particular courses. Requests for additional course approvals should be processed through the Ashtabula Campus Academic Affairs Department.

While faculty are full members of their respective Kent Campus academic units, their tenure and teaching assignments are in the Regional Campus System, which is budgeted separately from the Kent Campus. In accordance with the CBAs, the University has the right to reassign an individual to a different campus from his or her initial appointment. Such decisions are made by the Vice President for System Integration and are governed by considerations of seniority as well as the procedures outlined in the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreements.