Workload Equivalencies

Workloads and Workload equivalencies for Ashtabula Campus faculty are the same regardless of rank or bargaining unit membership.


At the discretion of the Campus Dean, a faculty member who makes special contributions to the Campus in areas other than classroom teaching may receive special assignment hours, equivalent to teaching hours to carry out those contributions. (This provision does not refer to the normal, expected faculty activities considered to be “service.”)


Credit-bearing Courses

The Ashtabula Campus will assign workload for teaching assignments that follows the workload amounts established by the academic units on the Kent Campus include the Regional College. Ashtabula Campus faculty can expect to receive the same workload for the same course taught by a Kent Campus faculty member.


Ashtabula Campus Faculty Council Chair

The FC Chair is given a six hour workload each academic year (three in the fall term and three hours in the spring term) for the duties and responsibilities of the Chair’s position.


Clock Hours to Workload

If the need should arise to convert clock hours to a workload equivalency the Ashtabula campus will use the following a standard formula:  One workload hours is equal to forty-five clock hours (2700 clock minutes)