Assistant/Associate Dean

  1. When applicable and appropriate for the College, an Assistant Dean and/or Associate Dean may be appointed by the Dean after consultation with the College Advisory Committee (CAC). The term of service is continuing and may be terminated by the Dean, in his/her sole discretion. 
  2. The duties and responsibilities of the Assistant/Associate Dean include but are not limited to the following:
    1. Assisting in developing the College budget.
    2. Serving as liaison to program counselors in the various colleges of the University.
    3. Serving as chief administrative officer of the College when designated by the Dean in his/her absence.
    4. Serving as either the primary or alternate College liaison, as designated by the Dean of the College, to the Graduate Studies Administrative Advisory Committee of the University's Division of Graduate Studies.
    5. Assisting the Dean in preparing any Annual Planning Reports, including leadership for enrollment planning.
    6. Providing leadership to increase scholarship and extramural funding: securing and maintaining resources for developing proposals, writing grants, identifying funding sources, implementing research, and disseminating scholarly work.
    7. If requested, assisting an Academic Program Area Coordinator/Director in the accreditation process for the College's curriculum. If requested, assisting an Academic Program Area Coordinator/Director in coordinating curriculum and program development to support professional accreditation and University-level assessment and accreditation initiatives. 
    8. Assisting the Dean in coordinating faculty and staff meetings and activities needed to fulfill the mission of the CAE.
    9. Developing recommendations to the Dean regarding the inclusion of research and scholarship in the curriculum.
    10. Assisting the CAE’s Director of Marketing & Public Relations Communication in coordinating fund raising activities such as Vision 21 and Homecoming events.
    11. Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of approved curriculum proposals, Basic Data Sheet (BDS) documents, and syllabi for all undergraduate and graduate courses and programs offered by the college. 
    12. Serving as the college’s “ETD Gatekeeper” for graduate student thesis preparation and submission to the University’s ETD (Electronic Thesis & Dissertation) office.
    13. Supervising the academic counseling of student majors in the College.
    14. Performing other duties and tasks as assigned or delegated by the Dean.