Benchmarks and Criteria for Promotion

  1. If there has been no previous promotion in the candidate's history, then the review period extends back to whatever time period since the candidate's initial appointment that the candidate chooses. 
  2. Promotion is recognition based on a candidate’s accomplishments completed during the review period chosen by the candidate, and promotion decisions are based on performance and professional development pertinent to a candidate’s assigned FTNTT track. Evidence of significant accomplishments in performance and professional development is required for promotion. Accomplishments and/or contributions in University Citizenship, when they exist, will contribute to the FTNTT faculty member’s overall record of accomplishment however absence of University Citizenship will not detract from a promotion consideration. 
  3. Many factors and criteria, both subjective and objective, are considered in recommending a faculty member for advancement in academic rank. The overall evaluation of a candidate for promotion shall include consideration of the faculty member's professional behavior as recognized by the University community. A sound ethical approach to all aspects of teaching and/or other assigned duties is expected of all who seek promotion.
  4. Promotion considerations are based upon the criteria for evaluation, described in the subsections below. The NPAB committee shall consider the following areas of faculty performance when making recommendations on promotion: 1) Performance (track-related); and, 2) Professional Development. The tables and text below are designed to facilitate assessment of performance of those candidates who are being evaluated for promotion. These guidelines and criteria should be used for developmental assistance and projection of future success in achieving promotion.
  5. The Section III Tables 3-5A, 3-5B, 3-6A, 3-6B, 3-7A, 3-7B, 3-8A, and 3-8B, shown below, provide guidelines for the assessment of a faculty member’s performance and a rating scale for use in the evaluation of FTNTT candidates. The Faculty Performance Standards/Criteria for Promotion are shown in Tables 3-5A and 3-5B.