Benchmarks and Criteria for Reappointment

  1. Reappointment of probationary faculty is contingent upon demonstration of satisfactory progress toward the requirements of tenure. The candidate must provide evidence of successful and improving teaching effectiveness, evidence of continued and consistent professional growth, and evidence of a sustained and improving record of scholarship, teaching, and service.  Moreover, the individual must have established and articulated short- and long-term plans for achieving these goals. Progress is to be judged relative to the number of years of service of the candidate and will be based upon the specific criteria for earning tenure.
  2. In the event that concerns about the candidate’s performance are raised during the reappointment process, the ad hoc committee and its Chairperson shall provide detailed, prescriptive comments to serve as constructive feedback. Specific concerns expressed by the ad hoc committee and/or Dean at this juncture of the probationary period should be addressed by the candidate in subsequent reviews. 
  3. The overall evaluation of a candidate for reappointment must include consideration of the individual’s professional behavior as recognized by the university community. A sound ethical approach to all aspects of teaching, research, publication, and the academic profession are expected of all who seek reappointment in the College.
  4. The hallmark of a successful candidate is a record of evidence of significant progress in making an impact upon the discourse of her/his discipline, a strong record of teaching, and a record of service commensurate with assignments. The performance criteria used in assessing the quality of scholarship, teaching, and service in the review of faculty seeking reappointment shall conform to the tenure guidelines in this document provided in Section III.1.4.2; Section III.; and by Tables 3-1, 3-2A, 3-2B, 3-3A, 3-3B, 3-4A, and 3-4B of this Handbook.