Benchmarks and Criteria for Tenure

  1. The granting of tenure is a decision that plays a crucial role in determining the quality of university faculty and the national and international status of the University. The awarding of tenure must be based on convincing documented evidence that the faculty member has achieved scholarly excellence through a significant body of scholarship that has had an impact on her/his discipline, has significant success as a teacher, and has provided effective service. The candidate is also expected to continue and sustain, over the long term, a program of high quality teaching and scholarship relevant to the mission of the candidate’s academic unit(s) and to the mission of the University. The tenure decision is based on evaluation all of the evidence available, including accomplishments prior to appointment at Kent State University, to determine the candidate’s potential for a long-term productive career. 
  2. Evidence of a sustained, productive, and improving record of disseminated scholarship; a sustained and improving record of teaching; and a record of professional public and professional service, are the principal criteria considered in arriving at a recommendation concerning tenure. For specific performance criteria and guidelines for tenure, refer to the indices of scholarship, teaching, and service provided in Section III.1.4.5, and by Tables 3-1, 3-2A, 3-2B, 3-3A, 3-3B, 3-4A, and 3-4B of this Handbook.  All candidates for early tenure must significantly exceed the requirements specified for on-time tenure.