CAC Responsibilities

  1. The CAC will act as an advisory and recommendatory body to the Dean on academic and personnel matters. Probationary tenure-track and full-time non-tenure track members of the CAC are not permitted to participate in personnel discussions and decisions regarding tenure track faculty members, including but not limited to appointment, reappointment, tenure, promotion, merit, or sanctions. 
  2. The CAC will fulfill all responsibilities attributed to College advisory committees as described by the Tenured/Tenure-Track and Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Collective Bargaining Agreements. 
  3. The Dean may appoint ad hoc committees of the members for assistance in carrying out CAC functions.
  4. The CAC will maintain the CAE Faculty Handbook. All amendments or revisions to the Handbook must be accomplished in accordance with Section I.1 (CAE Faculty Handbook) of this Handbook. 
  5. The CAC will be responsible for the establishment of the Student Academic Complaint Committee (SACC) in accordance with the policies and procedures of Section 4-02.3 (Administrative Policy and Procedure for Student Academic Complaints) of the University Policy Register, and the provisions of this Handbook.     
  6. The CAC will elect a tenured Faculty member to sit on the Provost’s Advisory Council (PAC) at the Fall All-College meeting.
  7. The CAC shall provide the names of two tenured associate or full professors to the Dean as candidates/nominees to serve on the Provost's university-wide tenure and promotion advisory board at the Fall All-College meeting.
  8. If a member of the CAC does not serve out the term of his/her appointment, another person will be elected by the Faculty Organization members from the applicable Academic Program Area to serve out the remainder of his/her current term. 
  9. The CAC will advise the Dean on issues of budget, faculty hires, programming, curriculum, and other matters related to the college. All actions by the CAC serve as recommendations to the Dean.
  10. Per the 2015 Tenured/Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement, the CAC may delegate its duties to other college committees of which tenured/tenure-track faculty (Faculty) members shall constitute a majority.