CAE Faculty, Committees, and Meetings

  1. The College of Aeronautics and Engineering Faculty Organization

    The name of the organization governed by this CAE Handbook shall be the Kent State University College of Aeronautics and Engineering Faculty Organization.

    1. Membership in the Faculty Organization.
      1. Full-time faculty of academic rank who hold tenured, or tenure-track, or non-tenure-track appointments at the University, and who are represented by the Kent State University Tenured/Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Unit or by the Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Collective Bargaining Unit, are members of the CAE Faculty Organization
    2. The purposes of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering Faculty Organization are:
      1. To provide organizational structure for faculty governance;
      2. To adopt governance procedures and to provide committees necessary for the operation of the College, subject to the approval of the Dean and other University authorities;
      3. To organize, make, and execute decisions concerning the educational programs of the CAE within the policies of the University;
      4. To act as an advisory and recommendatory body to the Dean and the College Advisory Committee (CAC) on academic matters central to the mission and goals of the CAE.
  2. Governance and Administration

    1. Faculty Involvement in CAE Governance
      1. All members of the Faculty Organization may vote on curricular and operational concerns, including committee membership and Faculty Organization-elected/nominated leadership positions.
    2. Faculty Involvement in CAE Administration
      1. In order to assure program and instructional quality and integrity, the Dean of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering shall consult with the CAC and other College faculty bodies with respect to budget and resources, faculty positions, and the administrative structure and organization of the College. College committees shall be established, organized and operated in ways consistent with the above principles, and in accordance with the University Policy Register, the applicable Tenured/Tenure-Track and Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Collective Bargaining Agreements, and the provisions of this Handbook. 
  3. Faculty Organization Officers

    1. There will be the following responsible positions in the CAE Faculty Organization.
      1. Convener: The Dean of the CAE or designated representative will be the Convener of the Faculty Organization.
      2. Secretary: A CAE staff member will be appointed as the Secretary by the Dean each academic year.
    2. Responsibilities.
      1. The Convener will:
        1. Preside at meetings of the Faculty Organization;
        2. Organize the agenda and distribute the agenda to all Faculty Organization members at least one week prior to any regular meeting;
        3. Cast a vote in case of a tie;
        4. Appoint the Secretary.
      2. The Secretary will be responsible for recording and disseminating minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Faculty Organization to all Faculty Organization members and the Dean's Office.
  4. Faculty Seniority

    1. When faculty seniority is a consideration for an issue, the seniority ranking shall be determined by the Faculty Organization member’s time accrued as a full-time Faculty Organization member of the college. 
  5. Parliamentary Authority

    1. The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order (latest edition) will govern this organization in all cases in which it is consistent with this Handbook.