Graduate Coordinator

  1. The Graduate Coordinator chairs the Graduate Faculty Advisory Committee (GFAC) and oversees the operation and development of the College's graduate programs and curriculum. The Graduate Coordinator reports directly to the college Dean. 
  2. Selection of the Graduate Coordinator
    1. At the Spring All-College meeting, in U.S. presidential election years, the GFAC’s Faculty Organization members will elect and recommend to the CAE Dean a Graduate Coordinator to serve a renewable, four-year term. If the recommended candidate is not accepted, the Dean will provide a written statement explaining his/her rejection of the recommendation. The GFAC’s Faculty Organization members will then elect and recommend a candidate to the Dean. Before the end of the Spring semester, the Graduate Coordinator is appointed by the Dean upon the recommendation of the GFAC’s Faculty Organization members.
    2. The Graduate Coordinator will be given an appropriate load assignment release each academic semester (Fall, Spring). A six-hour teaching load release for the fall semester and a six-hour teaching load release for the spring semester is recommended given the current organizational structure of the college. The Graduate Coordinator will be given an administrative contract with a three-hour load equivalency during the summer term in order to maintain continuity during the term with respect to graduate student advising, admission graduation processing, and other graduate program administrative support functions.  
    3. If the Graduate Coordinator does not serve out the term of his/her appointment, another person will be elected by the Faculty Organization members of the GFAC to serve out the remainder of the current term. If the recommended candidate is not accepted, the Dean will provide a written statement explaining his/her rejection of the recommendation. The GFAC’s Faculty Organization members will then make a new recommendation. 
  3. The duties and responsibilities of the Graduate Coordinator include but are not limited to the following:
    1. Oversee the development and maintenance of the graduate programs toward the college’s goals for the graduate programs in the college.
    2. Approve course substitutions, transfer credit evaluations, and special petitions for students in the Graduate Program.
    3. Distribute Graduate faculty membership criteria and expectations to all CAE GFAC-eligible faculty and invite them to submit their credentials for membership.
    4. Make recommendations from the GFAC to the Dean of the CAE regarding Graduate Faculty memberships.
    5. Evaluate and approve full-time CAE faculty to teach specific graduate courses based on the recommendation of the GFAC.
    6. In consultation with appropriate graduate faculty, evaluate and approve part-time/adjunct faculty to teach specific graduate courses.
    7. Develop and review overall program curricula and the graduate course inventory.
    8. Oversee the graduate programs admission approval process. Chair the Graduate Admission Committee and select at least two GFAC faculty as members of the committee. Approve recommendations from the Graduate Admission Committee for admission to the College's graduate program, and forward the Graduate Admission Committee's recommendations to the CAE Dean's Office. During the spring recess, winter break, semester intersession, and the summer sessions, determine the admission recommendation for graduate program applicants on behalf of the Graduate Admission Committee. 
    9. Present admission applications of special circumstances to the GFAC.
    10. Assist in the selection, and provide approval for the faculty advisor for each graduate student.
    11. Prepare information for the University’s Graduate Catalog description of the CAE Graduate program, after consultation with the GFAC.
    12. Present graduate assistantship applications to the GFAC for its approval. Recommend to the Dean, with the advice of the GFAC and Academic Program Coordinators/Directors, the awarding of graduate assistantships and teaching fellowships.
    13. Maintain and review graduate student records to monitor academic standing and provide notification of significant dates. Upon a student’s application for graduation, provide an audit of student MTEC degree completion requirements to CAE Student Services advisors for their use in graduation clearance. 
    14. Represent the CAE at the academic and administrative meetings in the Division of Graduate Studies. Serve as either the primary or alternate College liaison, as designated by the Dean of the College, to the University's Division of Graduate Studies. Also serve as the College Representative to the Graduate Council of the University's Graduate Educational Policies Council (EPC). 
    15. Maintain a schedule of CAE Graduate course offerings three years in advance.
    16. Conduct performance evaluations of Teaching Fellows/graduate students providing instruction. 
    17. Conduct reviews and make recommendations to the Dean on Graduate Faculty status.
    18. Initiate and coordinate changes and improvements in graduate curricula, requirements, and programs.
    19. Chair meetings of the GFAC.
    20. Approve thesis topics, thesis faculty directors/advisors, individual investigations, and special topics courses at the graduate level.
    21. At the invitation of an Academic Program Coordinator/Director, meet with the Academic Program Coordinator/Director and the full-time faculty in the applicable Academic Program area to assist in the development of schedule and workload assignments for each faculty member for the upcoming academic year. Scheduling for the upcoming Fall semester must be completed by the first week of March; scheduling for the upcoming Summer sessions must be completed by the first week of January; and scheduling for the upcoming Spring semester must be completed by the first week of March.
    22. Each semester, post his/her office hours, class schedule, and contact information (e-mail address, phone, etc.) on his/her office door. The Graduate Coordinator shall also provide this information to the CAE's Office of Student Advising, and the Dean’s Administrative Assistant. 
    23. The Graduate Program Coordinator will assign oversight responsibility to a faculty member for each graduate course. The assigned faculty member shall be responsible for maintaining the course and for assisting the Graduate Coordinator in providing oversight, direction, and facilitation of the course delivery by teaching assistants and by full-time, part-time and adjunct faculty. 
    24. In consultation with the appropriate Academic Program Area Coordinator/Director, coordinate all course scheduling and course change requests for graduate-level courses.
    25. Coordinate accreditation and assessment efforts for the graduate degree(s).