Graduate Faculty Advisory Committee (GFAC) and Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC)

  1. The Graduate Faculty Advisory Committee (GFAC) assists the Graduate Coordinator with the oversight and development of the College's graduate program(s). The GFAC is responsible for evaluating applications for admission and evaluating and recommending candidates for graduate appointments. The GFAC is also responsible for monitoring the progress and academic performance of graduate students in the College. The GFAC, as a committee of the whole, also serves as the College's Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC). The GCC reviews proposals for graduate program changes, new graduate courses, changes in course content and related curricular matters, and conducts periodic reviews of the College's graduate program as a whole. 
  2. GFAC Membership
    1. The membership of the GFAC will consist of all CAE Faculty Organization members with Associate and Full graduate status as defined by Section 6-15.1 (Administrative Policy Regarding Graduate Faculty) of the University Policy Register.
    2. The Dean, and Academic Program Area Coordinators/Directors who do not have Graduate Faculty status or who are not members of the Faculty Organization, will be ex-officio, non-voting members of the GFAC.
  3. GFAC Responsibilities
    1. The Graduate Coordinator will serve as the Chair of the GFAC and as the Chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee.
    2. The GFAC/GCC will be responsible for the development, surveillance, evaluation, and revision of Graduate curricula.
    3. Curricular changes in graduate programs will follow the protocol outlined in Section V.4 (Curricular Policies and Procedures) of this Handbook. Proposed curricular changes will be forwarded by the GFAC/GCC Chair (the Graduate Coordinator) to the College Curriculum Committee. The CCC chair will process and forward all graduate curricular changes to the CAE Dean. The CAE Dean will process and forward all graduate curricular recommendations to University officials and governance bodies as appropriate.
    4. Minutes will be kept of all meetings and distributed to all Graduate Faculty Committee members and the Dean's Office.
    5. During the Fall/Spring semesters, a Graduate Admission Committee consisting of the Graduate Coordinator and at least two Graduate Faculty members selected by the Graduate Coordinator will review and evaluate admissions applications. The Admission Committee will be chaired by the Graduate Coordinator and will evaluate admissions applications and make recommendations to the Dean for admission to the College's graduate program. The Graduate Coordinator will forward the Graduate Admission Committee's recommendations to the Dean's Office. During the Spring Recess, winter break, semester intersession, and the summer term, the Graduate Coordinator will determine the admission recommendation for graduate program applicants on behalf of the Graduate Admission Committee. 
  4. Meetings
    1. The GFAC and Graduate Curriculum Committee will meet as scheduled by the Graduate Coordinator during the academic year.
    2. A quorum is a simple majority of the voting members.
    3. Passage of a motion recommending any curriculum revision requires an affirmative vote of the majority of the Faculty Organization members present and voting, provided there is a quorum. Motions may also be voted upon electronically. However, this will require approval of a majority of the Faculty Organization members of the GFAC/GCC.