Other Faculty Workload-Related Duties, Roles, and Responsibilities

  1. Letter of Appointment

    1. Each faculty member is expected to contribute to the Academic Program Area, Campus, College, and the University according to the terms and condition of his/her letter of appointment.
  2. Office Hours

    1. Full-time faculty members are expected to schedule and attend at least five (5) office hours per week. The office hours shall be posted on the faculty member's office door and communicated to the Dean's office as well as to the faculty member's students via the course syllabus. 
    2. If a student is unable to meet during the faculty member’s scheduled office hours, the faculty member shall make an appointment(s) to meet with the student at an alternate time(s).
  3. Course Syllabus

    1. Faculty members are expected to provide students with a syllabus which includes the subject matter to be covered in a course, a listing of assignments and/or reports, approximate dates of examinations, grading standards, attendance requirements, and other pertinent details of the conduct of the class no later than the end of the first full week of classes each semester.
    2. A copy of each course syllabus will be provided to the Dean’s office at the beginning of each semester.
  4. Student Class Records

    1. Student class records that are retained by the instructor (i.e., tests, term papers, grade records, etc.), should be maintained by the instructor for the entire following academic year so that the materials may be referenced in event of a student complaint/grievance.
  5. Student Advising

    1. Academic advising of students is a shared responsibility of the faculty and the administration. Each Academic Program Area should establish and implement appropriate advising policies and procedures.
    2. In order to assist in student advising, faculty members should maintain current knowledge of University, College, and Academic Program Area programs and requirements.
  6. Faculty Participation in College Activities

    1. Faculty members are expected to participate in recruitment programs, graduation ceremonies and other activities which are appropriate to their role as a faculty member in the College.
  7. Faculty Information System

    1. All full-time faculty members are required to provide a current curriculum vitae (CV) to be kept on file in the College office. The faculty member’s CV must be updated and submitted annually as described in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  8. Faculty Absence and Travel Policy

    1. Faculty members who will be absent from campus for professional or personal reasons must submit a Request for Absence Form to the Dean. The request should be made at least one week prior to the planned absence and is subject to the approval of the Dean. Arrangements for any classes to be missed during the absence must be addressed to the satisfaction of the Dean before approval will be granted. If the need for an absence is not foreseeable one week prior to the effective date of such absence, the faculty member must provide notice as soon as possible.
    2. Attendance at professional meetings is encouraged and approved travel expenses incurred in attending such meetings will be reimbursed when approved prior to travel according to the University's travel policies and are subject to the availability of College funds. In general, greater amounts of support will be awarded to meeting participants (i.e., those presenting a paper or chairing a session) than to faculty members who simply attend professional meetings. 
  9. Student Research Projects and Theses

    1. Supervision and direction of undergraduate research projects and theses is part of the teaching function. Workload equivalents may be assigned to a faculty member for these activities on a case-by-case basis according to the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements, and Section III (Faculty Reappointment/Renewal/Review, Promotion, and Tenure) of this Handbook. 
  10. Faculty Academic Misconduct

    1. The University policy regarding misconduct in research and scholarship and the Administrative policy and procedures regarding allegations and instances of misconduct in research and scholarship are included in the University Policy Register.