Performance - Instructional Track

  1. Performance criteria for the evaluation of the teaching/instructional track are listed in Tables 3-6A and 3-6B. Course revision is defined as making a substantial modification to a course such as developing several new laboratories, addition of distance learning options, formally proposing to change course content/format, etc. 
  2. Other information such as written comments from students, colleagues within and beyond the Academic Program Area, College or University administrators shall be considered. Peer reviews, when required or as submitted, and summaries of Student Surveys of Instruction must be submitted as part of a candidate’s file for renewal of appointment and promotion. The faculty performance regarding information from SSIs is only relative to what actions the faculty member took regarding ratings and comments about assigned courses taught. Copies of representative syllabi must be available for review. Other documentation related to graduate student, undergraduate student, and post-doctoral student training, if submitted, by the candidate for renewal of appointment and promotion will be considered as well. Evaluation of performance of instructional track faculty shall include all assigned duties, including non-teaching. If submitted, activities considered university citizenship and professional activities will be considered as part of the faculty member’s performance.