Procedures for Search and Initial Appointment

  1. The CAE Dean or his/her designee and the Provost are responsible for identifying the faculty positions to be filled. The CAC will be consulted concerning faculty position needs. The CAE Dean, or his/her designee, with concurrence of the Academic Program Area Coordinator/Director of the applicable Academic Program Area and CAE faculty from the applicable programmatic area, determine the specific qualifications and requirements for the position. These are then incorporated in a Position Request Authorization (PRA) for the Provost’s approval.
  2. The Provost and the CAE Dean will authorize appropriate notices, as approved by the Academic Program Area Coordinator/Director of the applicable Academic Program Area and CAE faculty from the programmatic area, to appear in university job postings and appropriate professional publications and job sites. The starting minimum qualifications, position requirements and responsibilities, application deadlines and materials to be submitted will be identified in the notices. Efforts will be made to secure a diverse pool of applicants.
  3. The CAE Dean or his/her designee will appoint a Search Committee and its chair. The committee will be composed of at least four faculty (a majority of who are CAE faculty) and one representative appointed by the Academic Program Area Coordinator/Director of the applicable Academic Program Area.
  4. The CAE Dean or his/her designee will convene the Search Committee and present its charge. At this meeting, the Search Committee will discuss the specific qualifications required of candidates based on the job posting, procedures for reviewing applications, and the University’s commitment to Affirmative Action. The Search Committee may also agree on a checklist of criteria (weighted according to importance) being sought in the candidates.
  5. Once the application deadline has passed, or while a job posting listed as “Open Until Filled” is still active, the Search Committee will review the applications to determine whether each candidate meets the minimum qualifications for the position.
  6. The Search Committee then will review the eligible applications and establish a pool of up to 15 candidates. The applicable Academic Program Area Coordinator/Director will be invited to review the list. The Search Committee will then recommend approximately three candidates for interviews. The Dean's Office will notify those applicants who have not been included in the pool of candidates.
  7. Prior to the visits, the Search Committee will organize and publicize the itineraries, compose a uniform checklist of questions to be asked of each candidate, and prepare evaluation sheets for faculty and students to record impressions during the interviews.
  8. Each candidate’s visit should include the following: a teaching demonstration (if appropriate); a presentation related to his or her research activities; and separate interviews with the Search Committee and the CAE Dean or his/her designee, as appropriate. Meetings with graduate and undergraduate students are recommended, as well as meetings with potential research partners.
  9. Following the on-campus interviews, the Search Committee will submit to the Dean of the CAE a list of the qualified candidates with accompanying summaries of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
  10. The Dean of the CAE will choose and negotiate with the candidate. 
  11. Throughout the process, the activities of the Search Committee and of all administrative officers will be conducted with scrupulous respect for the privacy of all applicants; and, to the extent permitted by Ohio law, rules of strict confidentiality apply to all deliberations and actions involved in the hiring process. 
  12. When a candidate has accepted an offer, the Dean of the CAE will announce to the Faculty Organization the results of the search.