Student Academic Complaint Committee (SACC)

  1. The Dean through the CAC each AY will ensure a Student Academic Complaint Committee. The Student Academic Complaint Committee (SACC) is an ad hoc CAC committee and its procedural operation is described below. 
  2. The CAC will hold an election from all Faculty Organization members of the college not on administrative contracts to comprise the committee. The committee will have at least five members plus at least one student member. Tenure or non-tenure status will not be a factor in the election. The committee as comprised will be an ad hoc committee of the CAC. 
  3. The committee will elect a chair who will serve as the point of contact for the Dean should a need arise per the university policy on Student Academic Complaints.
  4. Each Academic Program Coordinator or Director will be the point of contact for students with a complaint. In cases where the complaint involves the Coordinator or Director, one of the remaining Academic Program Coordinators or Directors will be the point of contact. Initial consultation with the student by a Coordinator or Director will include direction per university policy to first work the issue out informally with the instructor and informing the student of their right to involve the Student Ombudsman at any point in the process. Once the Coordinator and/or Director receives the complaint, and prior to an unsuccessful informal resolution, the Coordinator or Director will not contact an instructor regarding any student issue/complaint.
  5. If an informal resolution with the instructor is unsuccessful the Coordinator or Director receiving the complaint will enact the remaining portions of the policy as provided in the University Policy Register
  6. Prior to the appeal of a decision by the Student Complaint Committee neither the Assistant Dean, the Associate Dean, or the Dean will be involved in the process per the provisions of the university policy. 
  7. Upon notification by a student that initiating the formal complaint process is desired, the Coordinator or Director receiving the notice will refer the student to the Chair of the ad hoc Academic Student Complaint Committee.